Social Responsibility
of Shandong Cifu Public Welfare Foundation
Befar Red Cross Pioneer Rescue Team
  • 200Over 200 tons
    Cumulative donation of disinfectants for fighting against the epidemic
  • 12.4 Over 12.4 million yuan
    Donation amount
  • 1.18million milliliters
    26 years of blood donation by the company
  • 4
    Hematopoietic stem cell donors
  • 10.91Over 10.91 million yuan
    Donation from Cifu Public Welfare Foundation in 2023
  • 5million yuan
    Charitable donation for “One-Meter Sunshine” in 2023
  • “Little Lotus Plan” Public Welfare Brand Initiative
    Key implementation of the “Eight Ones Project” under the Little Lotus Plan
    • “Little Lotus Choir” Chorus Group
    • English interest education
    • Patriotic-themed educational practices such as science popularization
    • “Little Butterfly Laboratory” fun and imaginative classes
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